Things To Do In America

America… The United States of America. The ‘Land of Opportunity’.

Tourism is one of the prime industries in the United States of America, yielding millions and billions of dollars. Millions of visitors and tourists visit the United States of America throughout the year from around the world. Best places to visit in America for the tourists are the popular natural wonders, historic buildings and the vacation resorts.

According to the studies, other than the neighbouring countries (Canada and Mexico) the United Kingdom, Japan and China hold the top positions for the no. of visitors in the United States of America. The United States of America currently attracts second highest no. of tourists in the world, just after the France.

It is always a tough job to decide where to go and where not; even more so if the name of the destination is the USA. There are always so many things to see, so many stuff to ride and so many delicacies to try… So here we are, taking all the hard work of narrowing down your options upon our shoulders.

Here are some suggestions on deciding your vacation resort and the best places to visit in America…


National Parks In USA

Even one hundred and fifty years ago, there were no national parks in the United States of America. There was not even any clear convention for designating a wilderness a national forest, actually. The first ever declared national forest in the world was the Yellowstone National Park.

The national parks are the breathing zone of the country. They are the playing ground and the free-roaming territory for the wildlife. Usually, the national forests preserve the flora and fauna of a vast region in its pristine form. Although there is no work-for-all formula for designating a national park, it usually involves the preservation and protection of an endangered or nearly extinct species of an animal or a plant.

The grey wolves were preserved in the Yellowstone National Park when they went extinct from the area due to unplanned hunting. The Redwood National and State Parks is another example of the reservation of the dear nature where the gigantic Redwood plants were reserved when the majority of the coastal redwoods were cut down randomly during and after the Gold Rush.

More than 50 national parks have been declared till now across the United States of America. Each of them offers the visitors a different aspect of the mother nature. Many of the parks provide leisure activities like backcountry camping, hiking, guided and unguided tours, trekking and climbing, rafting, skiing and snowshoeing and many others. Here are the popular national parks in the United States of America.

Attractions and small towns in The U.S.

The United States of America is not called the Land of Freedom for nothing. The attractions are the heart of the entertainment business in the America. The entertainment parks and the small towns are one of the key features of the United States of America. The amusement parks and the theme parks constitute a major part of the tourist attractions.

The entertainment resorts are one of the most popular landmarks in the whole United States of America. Getting more than 50 million visits year wide, The Walt Disney World, in Orlando, Florida, proves to be the most popular theme park in the whole world. The vacation resorts offer many cool rides, funky games and signature tours around the park.

The United States has a widespread network of highways and interstate routes. The United States of America is filled with such highways and small suburbs along them. The small towns and the suburbs are famed throughout the country for the scenic views, rich cultural heritage and the hospitality. Some of the attractions and small towns in the United States of America are listed here.

Main cities to visit of USA

The United States is famous for its big cities and metropolises. There are currently more than 300 registered and unincorporated big cities and metropolitan areas in the United States of America.

Like the song goes ‘they never say forever gaze…..’, every city is standing there being the silent watcher of the history. Every city has a plenty of tales to tell the visitors; be it the stories of the warring Mafiosi at the terrace of a casino house in Vegas or the heart-aching tale of a follower shading tears after the homicide of Martin Luther King Jr. at the Lorraine Motel or the saga of the patriotism of a young soldier at the fierce battle by the army of General Andrew Jackson to fend off the Confederacy. Every city is unique in its own way.

The cities are famous for their historic legacies, the cultural richness, the nightlife, the entertainment hubs, the shopping districts, the cuisines and even for their people and the hospitality. The coastal areas are known for the long scenic beaches, the mesmerising and breathtaking beauties of the waterfronts and obviously the signature and authentic sea foods. The most popular large and medium cities in the United States of America are enlisted here.